Born in Mexico City in 1975, Juan Carlos del Valle is known for maintaining an artistic stance counter to the stereotypical ones that characterize the dominant art system. Having trained under the painter Demetrio Llorden (Spain 1931–Mexico 2000) from 1995 to 2000, Del Valle has cultivated a pictorial and graphic virtuosity that emphasizes realistic aesthetics and expressionist poetics, with light and material effects.

With his interest in exploring emblematic aspects of human behavior through the possibilities of realistic illusion, the painter has delved into the meanings and contradictions of certain contemporary mythologies and fascinations, including junk or processed food, fantastic beings, artificial physical beauty, and the new technologies that have had an impact on interpersonal communications.

With a preference for the genres of portraiture, still life and fantastic narrative, Juan Carlos del Valle has constructed a personal language that relies on representing and referring to artistic-visual codes as metaphors for the duality that exists between reality and the real.

Since 2004, Del Valle has participated in numerous solo and group shows at private galleries and public museums in Mexico, the United States, Europe, and Latin America. He has published a number of catalogues and books that attest to his creative development..
In 2012, on the heels of his successful public art project, Our Daily Bread—twelve pictorial interventions realized in Mexico City churches during worship between 2009 and 2010—Del Valle presented a striking series of thirty-five hand-drawn portraits of Chavela Vargas. Based on his experiences with the celebrated songstress one day in 2011, the portraits capture, as if in an existential dialogue, the different states of awareness she passed through near the end of her life.

The author of disturbing narratives that contain elements of the fantastic and the everyday, the strange and the perverse, Del Valle has developed a personal poetics linked to the portrait and the still life. In his show The Better to Eat You With—presented in Mexico City in 2012 and in Toluca, State of Mexico, in 2013—the painter demonstrates the symbolic, transgressive and seductive power of painting, with subjects from classic children’s stories and contemporary myths, elaborated on in fictions and self-portraits where myth merges with contemporary imaginary.

Because of his interest in generating experiences that expand upon painting and intersect with other disciplines, he participated in the February 2013 performance of Engelbert Humperdinck’s opera Hansel and Gretel at the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City. The production featured a curtain designed by Del Valle.

Juan Carlos del Valle was the first Latin American artist to be invited to show his work at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas. His show Temptation, which opened in September, 2013, consisted of fifty-two small- and medium-format paintings of mass-produced snack foods, exploring the transition between the duality of human nature and the point of inflection between the sacred and the profane, which is found in temptation. Activities organized in parallel with the show included a symposium at the University of Texas at Dallas on March 23, 2014, focusing on the relationship between food, art, culture, health, and religion.

In February 2017, Del Valle was invited to project a selection of his recent work onto the stage, during the performance by the Orchestra of New Spain of Francesco Corselli's mass Ave Maris Stella at the Dallas City Performance Hall.



Mexico City, Mexico Agust 9, 1975

2000-2001 Tutorial with painter José Manuel Schmill, Mexico City
1996-2000 Workshop of painter Demetrio Llordén (Spain, 1931 - D.F. - 2000), Mexico City
1994-1996 Tutorial with painter Manuel García Jurado, Mexico City

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